7 Best Foam for Keyboard Dampening in June-2022 [Ultimate Product Reviews]

Best Foam for Keyboard Dampening

Adding foam inside the keyboard is wise to reduce noise vibration and increase the comfort zone. But, all of the foams cannot reduce noise and provide extra benefits. So, what can you do you consider the best foam for keyboard dampening?

You need to do proper research to consider the best one. But, I assure you that you don’t need to waste your time researching because I have already done it for you. You should keep reading and stay connected to find out the best foam from the following list.

If You Want a Quick List, Check Our Top 7 Suggestions Below

Before starting the product reviews, I would love to suggest you check out the following list of the foams because of getting a clear concept of the products. This quick list can save your valuable time to hassle-free get the best product.


Best Foam for Keyboard Dampening Reviews Of 2022

1. SilverStone Technology EPDM Sound Dampening Foam

SilverStone SF01-NEW is my go-to for sound dampening foam for keyboard. It is a great quality foam to use EPDM material for noise reduction. The quality of this foam can reduce temperature and balance the temperature so that the keyboard is protected from the temperature.

It is reduced not only sound but also increases the sound quality. The thin design of this keyboard foam never increases the size of the keyboard. However, the measurement of this component is ‎20.87 x 14.96 x 0.16 inches to use for small, medium, and large size keyboards.

The product is easy to use because of its hassle-free cutting option. You just need to mark the area with your keyboard’s switch and then cut it. Overall, the foam is durable, but you should keep in mind that the foam is not cleanable to use further time.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • Most of the customers found it very impressive to use for its quality construction and EPDM material. They never discover any noise or heating problem after using this foam.
What They Don't Like
  • Though the customers found it impressive, they think that the foam or pad is not washable and it doesn’t come with a waterproof facility.

2. Dualplex Neoprene Sponge Foam Rubber Roll Adhesive

If you want to get the best foam for dampening your keyboard, which comes with a rubber system to provide soft and comfortable features, you may not avoid this foam. Though it is a foam construction product, you will discover rubber design to get heat-free and sound-free performance.

The manufacturer is designed this ECO friendly component material which is environment-friendly and toxic-free. The dimension of this component is 12in x 54in (1/8in Thick) to provide excellent comfortable support. There are plenty of advantages you will discover from this foam.

You may be happy to hear that this keyboard dampening can provide 100% satisfaction service. If you think that the product is not satisfactory to you, you may get a refund without any hassles. It is a waterproof performance foam for the keyboard, unlike the above foam.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The users love to use this keyboard sound dampening foam because of its rubber construction which allows them comfort, softness, and waterproof performance.
What They Don't Like
  • Many customers complain that this keyboard foam is tricky to cut with the right shape because of its jumping constructions.

3. Black EVA Foam Sheets Roll

The next model of this Bright Creations Craft foam roll is designed for reducing noise and provides maximum comfort. It increases comfort and reduces noise without changing the measurement of the switch height. So, you can safely use this foam to reduce noise.

This keyboard foam is not only useable for reducing noise on the keyboard, but also you can use the foam in multiple areas. The foam also comes with high-quality material capable of reducing temperature and support from water.

The thickness of this component is 5mm, and the measurement of this component is 13.75 x 39 in, which is easily adjusted with any size of the keyboard. So, what do you want else from this awesome EVA foam for keyboard? I think it is one of the best keyboard foam in 2022.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The majority of customers love to use this foam because of its perfect thickness and EVA construction. They found it an all-rounder performer.
What They Don't Like
  • Some customers complain that the foam is not designed for keyboard sound dampening because of its other design purposes.

4. Sponge Neoprene W/Adhesive

Most people use this Gravitation Sponge neoprene keyboard foam because of its high power noise chancel system. It is a noise chancel product and allows the customers to get maximum comfort. Unlike the above foams, it looks strong and hassle-free to assemble.

On the other hand, the product comes with an anti-skidding and surface protection system. These functions allow you to hassle-free use the foam without getting dust and other problems. It is perfect for a heat-treat and noise-free user experience.

Don’t worry; this unit comes with easy cutting and installation facilities. You can use the foam for cutting in normal knives or other elements. Note that the warranty and user manual are not clear enough; you need to talk with the manufacturer.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers like this keyboard foam to reduce the noise level. They love to use this product because of its hassle-free installation method.
What They Don't Like
  • Some of the users dislike this product because of its warranty and user manual. They complain that the user manual is not clear enough to use the foam sheet perfectly.

5. GOKA keyboard bottom echo noise absorption soundproofing memory-foam

GOKA is another top-rated and powerful noise absorption soundproofing memory foam. You may know that memory foam is far better for reducing noise and getting maximum comfort. However, I collected this mechanical keyboard foam for you so that you can get the best experience.

In addition, the foam is easy to assemble for each of the switches. You just need to measure the foam and then cut the foam for your switch. On the other hand, it never creates a jumping problem that allows you to press the switch comfortably.

Moreover, you can typically use this whole foam sheet for a full-sized keyboard, especially 104 switches. The manufacturer is dampening the lower part so that the noise is not come out. Note, it is also a waterproof and weatherproof keyboard foam.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • Most of the customers were impressed to use this keyboard foam because of its quality features and not jumping issues to pressure.
What They Don't Like
  • The minority of the customers dislike this product because of its high price. Despite this problem, the customers highly praised to use of this component.


6. Isolate It!: Sorbothane Acoustic & Vibration Damping Film

When you are depressed to get the vibration from your keyboard, this foam is the perfect solution for you. It is a high-quality Ultra-Soft Polyurethane product that is capable of dampening noise and vibration. This product is also capable of smooth clicking performance of your keyboard switches.

It is true that this Isolate comes with the perfect thin design of 12 Inches which is suitable for small, medium, and large size keyboards. You can hassle-free use this polythene sheet for 60%, 65%, and 100% keyboards without getting any kinds of problems.

What next? According to the manufacturer, it is easily usable for up to 104 switches of the keyboard. You can also use special keys which produce a lot of noise. But, it would help if you kept in mind that polythene is not suitable to clean with the chemical.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The users acclaimed to use this polythene construction because of its perfect thin and large size designs. They also love to use this unit’s high noise dampening performance.
What They Don't Like
  • Some of the customers are depressed about using this component because of its non-washable performance and easily dragging the dust, which is hassle enough to clean.

7. Keyboard Switch Sound Dampeners Sheet Silencer Foam

Let’s welcome this final sound damper silencer sheet. This product is featured with high-quality materials and construction, which makes this product sound chancel, waterproof, weatherproof, and other areas to use without getting any problems.

On the other hand, this Sumgsn is easy to install on any size of the keyboard. You just need to measure the sheet with your keyboard switches and hassle-free anchor the product. Overall, it can also reduce vibration and jumping issues when you are pressing the switches.

Finally, this product comes in multiple colors. It is also protected from dust and debris. So, what do you want else from this dampening foam? I hope that it is one of the best sheet silencers in 2022 to compare with the price.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • Most of the customers strongly believe that this foam can reduce noise and provide maximum comfort when they are pressing the keys.
What They Don't Like
  • A number of customers complain that this foam shape is often tricky enough to anchor with the special switches.

How to Use Sound Dampening Foam?

I am using dampening foam inside of the keyboard. I always follow a simple method to use sound dampening foam. So, you can check out the following method to reduce your keyboard’s sound and apply your sound dampening foam perfectly.

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to collect the dampening foam for your keyboard
  • Step 2: Now, measure the foam with your switches (you can use a marker to cut the foam properly).
  • Step 3: After that, you should remove the switches from your keyboard and insert the foam into the switch with perfect holes.
  • Step 4: Finally, you should place the keys again into the keyboard and try to press the keys. I hope that it is working for you.

If you think this method is not working for you or need to have some other information about this matter, let me know in the following comment box. So, why are you delayed? Use the dampening in your inside keyboard and get a noise-free performance.

Neoprene Vs. Eva Foam Keyboard

Neoprene is one of the best materials to dampen the noise from the keyboard and other areas to use. It is constructed for the person who wants to remove the keyboard’s noise. Moreover, it is a cheap price material which users can hassle-free afford without getting any problems.

On the other hand, Eva is also popular in reducing noise. Eva is a material of foam that is a little bit more expensive than neoprene. Similarly, EVA foam is more durable than neoprene material. I hope that you can understand the difference between them.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Does sound dampening foam work on keyboard?

Answer: The official answer is yes; you can use sound dampening foam inside of the keyboard. A sound dampening foam can reduce noise and provide you maximum pressing comfort. So, without any doubt, you can use sound dampening foam inside of the keyboard.

Q: How thick should dampening foam Be keyboard?

Answer: It depends on your keyboard size, especially deep. The standard thickness of the dampening foam is a minimum of 1mm. But, it would be better for you to consider 5 to 12-inches thickness to get a perfect noise reduction facility.

Q: What type of foam is good for a keyboard?

Answer: The dampening or noise reduction foam is good for the keyboard. When you are going to use the dampening foam or noise reduction foam, you can easily avoid the noise and other problems like discomfort and vibration.

Q: What can I use to dampen my keyboard?

Answer: You can use the damp inside of the keyboard to reduce the noise. On the other hand, you need to measure the damp foam or polythene inside of the keyboard. I hope that you can understand whatever I said to you.

So, What Should I Buy?

Dampening is important for the keyboards, which produce high noise and vibration. On the other hand, dampening is also capable of providing maximum comfort. But, you need to choose the best foam for keyboard dampening. So, you can choose any of the above keyboard dampers.

But, if you found yourself puzzle to find out the above dampening for your keyboard, you can consider this SilverStone SF01-NEW Technology EPDM Foam for Keyboard Dampening. Undoubtedly, this dampening allows you to get smooth performance and reduce sound, vibration, and heat problems.

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