Top Rated 6 Best Mouse for OSU in June-2022 [Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guides]

Best Mouse for OSU

OSU players sometimes fall a great problem using the normal mouse on this game. But, it is wise to consider the best mouse for OSU game to get the best performance and improve the performance. So many users avoid choosing the best mouse because they think that it takes much time to find out the best one.

Their idea is okay, but after reading this article, you clear your confusion and easily find out the best one. I already have collected six mice for you for this game to easily choose the best one without finding any error or costing much time. So, let’s get started.

If You Want a Quick List, Check Our Top 6 Suggestions Below

Before confirming a mouse, you should check out the following shortlist of products. I made this list based on the customer’s experience and my own experience so that you can choose the best one.

Best Mouse for OSU Reviews Of 2022

1. SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum is one of the best mouse for OSU 2022 because of its most updated configuration and design. If you want to choose a mouse for the OSU game, you are welcome to this product review.

The manufacturer used 12000 CPI and a dual optical sensor to increase the CPS (Click Per Second). Moreover, they also used this component 8 zone RGB lighting that helps you to use in dark space without facing any lighting error.

Though it is a wireless mouse, you never feel any charging error. After this mouse in one time, you will get 24-hours battery life. The battery is also strong enough to use the battery for a long time without any replacement problems.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers are highly satisfied to use this product because of its wireless functionality. They also told me that the battery of this laptop provides them up to 24-hours backup, which is very effective.
What They Don't Like
  • It is a pricy product, and the customers think that the price is higher than its configuration, which hassles enough to make the right decision to choose or not.

2. Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

If you are a potential gamer, you may often hear the name of Razer brand mouse. Are you? This mouse comes with awesome features and a fast clicking facility that allows you to improve your gaming performance, especially in OSU games.

It is also the best mouse for Jitter clicking as well as any type of game. First of all, it comes with a 20000 DIP optical sensor that helps you to click fast. Though it is a high-power optical sensor mouse, the price of this unit is low enough to be affordable.

The durability construction of this component allows you to use this unit’s 70M click time. On the other hand, you will get eight programmable buttons that allow you to click so fast in your game and improve performance. There are lots of benefits you will discover from this gaming mouse.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers found it 3X faster than a normal mouse which is effective for their OSU game. They also found it overall best performer mouse.
What They Don't Like
  • Though the customers love its all functions and less high price, they were disappointed because they needed to install extra software.

3. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

Are you feeling frustrated with using a corded mouse in your game and a crazy lover of the wireless mouse? No doubt, this Logitech change your mind. It is a smoother, high-performer, and lasting wireless mouse, which allows you to get everything without any hassles.

Whatever the mouse made of 4000 DPI sensor for precise tracking on any surface. Moreover, this mouse system doesn’t come with any software that means you never need to install software to use the mouse. You just need to connect the mouse with Bluetooth.

Overall, it comes with a battery system. The battery provides you with up to 24-hours backup. S, without feeling any tension, you can keep playing the OSU game or other game without any hassles. I think this information is enough for you to consider this awesome mouse.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers are highly satisfied to use this product for its 3 advanced wireless functions and the battery backup, which helps them use it long-time without any error.
What They Don't Like
  • Some of the customers also complain that this mouse is not a good option for the small or short-handed person because of its wide design.

4. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse W/ Hero 25K Sensor

If you are looking for the best gaming mouse that provides you with all of the facilities to play OSU or other types of games. It is a faster, smoother, and powerful mouse than a normal mouse. However, let’s break down the A to Z features of this mouse so that you can easily compare it with another mouse.

My experience comes with a high 25,600 DPI that is awesome for a gaming mouse. Similarly, the manufacturer design of this component is 140+ hours rechargeable battery backup which provides you a longer performance without thinking about charging.

What next? This wireless Logitech mouse is also designed for multiple areas to use. You can use this mouse for butterfly clicking, gaming, heavy-duty projects, Minecraft, and a couple of areas. So, what do you think else? Buy this mouse right now from Amazon.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The users love this wireless mouse to get a smooth performance. Moreover, they also love this product to get long-time battery backup like a 140-hours plus.
What They Don't Like
  • Some of the customers were really disappointed to find the poor quality top materials. They think that if they pressure it, the product may break down.

5. HyperX Pulsefire Dart – Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse

This is another rechargeable wireless mouse that is leading on the market. It looks very simple but powerful. I collected this gaming mouse for you because of its high performance and provided the customers with durable performance.

The manufacturer used this unit with 6-programmable buttons and 50+ hours of battery backup performance to satisfy the customers. With these features, you can easily use the mouse in your gaming section all day without finding a single error.

Whatever the mouse also comes with high-quality materials that are an awesome option for the people who really need a durable mouse. Overall, I suggest you consider this mouse when you also need to portable the mouse in any area.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The majority of the customers love this unit because of its high-quality construction and advanced functions. They also love its programmable buttons to play the game more comfortably.
What They Don't Like
  • Some customers think that the product is tricky enough to connect Bluetooth with a laptop or PC.

6. Monoprice MiCO 10231 3-Button Ambidextrous USB Pro Optical Scroll Gaming Mouse

Let’s welcome this final gaming mouse. It is a USB-connected gaming mouse that means you need to connect the mouse with your Laptop or PC USB. However, let’s break down all of the configurations so that you can clear your confusion.

This best mouse for OSU players is also a good option for personal, business, and multiple projects. You will get 1600 DPI functions to get the faster click. But, you should not apply this mouse for heavy-duty gaming software because of its less DPI than a heavy-duty game.

What do you want else from this awesome gaming mouse? I think this mouse is awesome for you, and you can easily connect with your device. Finally, you will get a long cord so that you can easily connect the mouse with your device from long-distance.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The OSU gamer warmly welcomes this product and thinks that the mouse is simple and not much powerful but enough for hassle-free playing the game.
What They Don't Like
  • Some customers think that this mouse lag when they are extremely busy playing the game. So, they avoid this mouse use in heavy-duty areas.

Buying Guide for the Best Mouse for OSU

A buying guide section always helps a person to consider the best product from a couple of products. To keep in mind the importance of choosing the best one, I made this buying guide section for you so that you can consider the best one. So, let’s check out the following buying guides.

Programmable Buttons

A gaming mouse means you need to consider some programmable button to hassle-free use the mouse. Well, different brands use different numbers of programmable buttons. It would help if you tried to consider a mouse that comes with maximum programmable buttons.

Mouse Quality

Of course, you need to consider the best quality mouse. It would help if you kept in mind that a gaming mouse needs to take extra pressure than a normal mouse. So, if the mouse quality is poor, your mouse may break down when you are providing extra pressure. So, try to consider a quality mouse.


It is essential to think about mouse connectivity. There are two types of mice you will discover: wired and wireless. I always prefer a wireless mouse to play the game because of avoids the wired hassle. So, choose any of the mice with which you feel comfortable.


Most of the popular brands demand under 100-dollar price for an OSU game. You will also discover a very low price to get a quality mouse. However, you must need to consider the mouse, which comes at an affordable price but still provides the best performance.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What mouse is the best for OSU?

Answer: There are couples of mice you may discover on the market designed for gaming. But, I think a butterfly or Jitter clicking mouse best option for the OSU game. If you need a winner mouse for this game, you can check out this SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse for OSU to get high performance.

Q: Can you play OSU with a mouse?

Answer: You can easily play an OSU game with a Jitter or butterfly clicking mouse. You can also play the game with a normal mouse, but it may be tricky enough to reduce the gaming performance. However, you can check out the above mouse to consider the best one.

Q: Can you play OSU with a mouse and keyboard?

Answer: Generally, OSU is a rhythm game that is playable on the pen, mouse, keyboard, and other components. On the other hand, it is also a game that is designed for medium-range DPI power. So, you can use a perfect mouse and a keyboard to play the game.


So, What Should You Buy?

OSU is a rhythm game, and most of the time, it demands fast click or frequency. So, if you want to increase this game’s performance, you need to consider the best mouse for OSU. On the other hand, you can also use a keyboard to play the game.

Whatever my experience, this SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse for OSU is awesome for multiple areas to use. Bedsides, OSU game, you can use this mouse in multiple areas. Are you still found yourself confused? You let me know the following comment box.

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