Top 7 Best 17 Inch Laptop Under 500 in June-2022 [Our Top Pick]

Best 17 Inch Laptop Under 500

A 17-inch display is always a good option for an editor, video editing, photo editing, business, research, playing, and a couple of areas. So, if you need to consider a laptop that comes with a 17-inch display, welcome this best 17 Inch laptop under 500 articles.

In this article, you will get up to 17-inch laptops and an affordable price option. These laptops list are now top-rated on the market, and most of the people are using them without any complaint. So, without talking more, let’s get started with the article.

If You Want a Quick List, Check Our Top 7 Suggestions Below

This quick list may help you a lot to know which laptop is actually leading on the market. After checking the list of the laptops, you will also discover a review section to get detailed answers. However, I make this list for you based on customer reviews, ratings, and my own experience.

Best 17 Inch Laptop Under 500 Reviews Of 2022

1. HP 17 Laptop, 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7

This is an incredible laptop that I really love for my multiple tasks. It is one of the best 17-inch laptop under 500 dollars. Why? According to my experience, the display comes with full HD and high resolution with large size, which helps me a lot to hassle-free work in the big display.

This HP 17 laptop comes with top-notch configurations such as 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7, 8 GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD Storage. Moreover, the manufacturer offers your another function with updated features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other features.

Whatever this laptop is one of the best options for designers, crafters, video editors, personal uses, business, and gaming options. The thin and lightweight design with all-day-long battery performance helps you a lot portable this unit wherever you want.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers warmly welcome this laptop because of its advanced configuration and lower price option. They also love its portability option.
What They Don't Like
  • Some of the customers complain that the keyboard and the touchpad are not maintained quality. They also complain that the keyboard produces a noise when they are pressing them.

2. 2021 Newest HP 17z Laptop, 17.3″ HD+ Screen

If you are looking for a 17″ display laptop which comes with a borderless design and full HD facilities, you may all need this HP 2021 Newest laptop under 500. This best 17-inch laptop under 500 with SSD drive and other features help you a lot to use this laptop in any kind of area.

The laptop comes with AMD Athlon Gold 3150U Processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB PCIeNVMe M.2 SSD, Wi-Fi, Webcam, and Zoom Meeting that are awesome for any kind of project. Note that the battery life also helps you use it in camping, traveling, hunting, and other areas.

No doubt, the laptop is a good option for business, personal uses, gaming, video editing, circuit design, and a couple of areas to use. Overall, the laptop offers you to use it non-stop for multiple projects at the same time without any hassles.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • Most of the customers love this laptop because they found it very impressive and 17.3″ full HD display. They also think that it is an all-rounder laptop.
What They Don't Like
  • Some customers dislike this product because they think that the laptop’s body comes with cheap materials that are not durable.

3. HP 17.3″ FHD IPS Laptop

Let’s welcome another top-rated and leading 17.3″ display laptop which you will get to cost under 600 USD. I selected this laptop for you because the customers are highly satisfied with using this unit. So, let’s discuss in detail about this matter.

First of all, this laptop comes with Intel Core i7 fast processor, 12 GB memory, and a 1 TB HDD. On the other hand, you will also discover UHD graphics from this laptop, allowing you to play the game and complete multiple projects without any hassles.

Finally, the laptop is designed for Photoshop, Illustrator, and other high design software. You can also use this laptop for Teletherapy or medical camping students to get the best advantages. I hope that you can understand whatever I said to you about this matter.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • Majority of the customers like this product because they found it very impressive to use weighty software even non-stop working facility.
What They Don't Like
  • The minority of the customers dislike this laptop to get less battery backup. They complain that the laptop battery is not stable for up to 10 hours.

4. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 17.3″ Laptop

This Lenovo Ideapad 340 is an awesome option for people who want to choose a big display and also want to get a highly portable device. The manufacturer designed this laptop ultra-thin and lightweight so that the customer hassle-free portable it from one place to another place.

Unlike the HP laptops above, this one comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor that is good enough for any space. On the other hand, you will also get 8 GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB SSD, which extremely help you a lot to use in different projects.

You may be happy to hear that the laptop comes with Windows 10 Home. But, if you want to install other windows, Linux, or another operating system, you can also do that. So, what do you want else from this best laptop in 2022? I hope that it is one of the biggest deals for you.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The users love this laptop to get a Ryzen processor and 512 GB fast SSD at this affordable price. They also love its battery and other performance.
What They Don't Like
  • Though the customers love this product, they find heat problems when they plug the charger and work without unplugging it.

5. Asus VivoBook 17.3″ FHD Display, Ryzen 3250U Processor

If you are a crazy lover of ASUS and want to consider a big full HD display, you can consider this ASUS M712DA-WH34 laptop without thinking anymore. It is one of the best budget 17-inch laptop 2022. Why? Let’s discuss this in detail about this laptop so that you can clear your confusion.

However, it comes with a Ryzen 3250U processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and 256GB PCIe SSD. On the other hand, the laptop looks thin and premium to use in professional areas. You will also get a lightweight feature that helps you to portable it hassle-free.

Doesn’t the manufacturer use other features like Webcam, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a couple of elements for your helping hand? You will easily use this laptop for multitasking areas without finding any kind of lack problem.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers found it lovely because they think that the laptop comes with everything with a wide HD display. They also love its premium looks and design.
What They Don't Like
  • A number of customers are disappointed to use this laptop because they think that the laptop is the only good option for light users.

6. Lenovo Ideapad 3 17 17.3″ HD+ (1600 x 900) Laptop

Are you still confused about collecting the best affordable 17-inch laptop from the above list? You may keep this Lenovo laptop on your list. However, today I am going to break down the A to Z features of this laptop so that you can compare it with the above model and make the best decision.

This laptop is designed with Intel Core i5 with 10th generation, 8 GB RAM, and 1 TB HDD configuration. Moreover, they also used a 17.3″ full HD display that supports a resolution like 1600 x 900 to get a clear view.

No doubt, this Lenovo laptop is versatile and portable. It is versatile because you will use this laptop for business, personal, and multiple areas to use. The battery backup is also good enough. The laptop provides you with up to 8-hours.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers like this product to use its versatile functionalities. On the other hand, they easily portable the laptop from one place to another without any hassles.
What They Don't Like
  • So many customers dislike this product to don’t find a protective eye screen. They said that it is not a good option for continuously operating the laptop to see the screen.

7. HP 17 Laptop, AMD Athlon Silver 3050U, 4 GB RAM

Let’s welcome another one of the best laptop for accounting students, businesses man, and multiple areas to use. Moreover, the laptop comes with high configuration and the best elements, which helps you get the best service.

First and foremost, this laptop is made of 4 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD Storage. On the other hand, you will also discover a 17.3-inch full display that comes with HD quality. You will also play high-resolution videos without finding any lack of problems.

Finally, the laptop is an awesome option for gaming. I think it is one of the best 17-inch gaming laptop under 500. So, if you are a lover of gaming, you may also check out this laptop. I think you can understand whatever I said to you about this laptop.

What Customers Like About This Product
  • The customers are highly satisfied with using this product because of its full HD display and high configuration, which helps them work on multiple projects simultaneously.
What They Don't Like
  • A couple of customers believe that the laptop is not a good option for heavy software because of the lack of problems.

What Should You Consider Before Buying the Best 17 Inch Laptop Under 500: Buying Guides?

The buying guide is always helpful for a beginner or people who don’t understand which things they should consider. However, I made this buying guide option for you so that you can consider your favorite laptop from here.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU depends on the customer’s project. However, if you want to choose a laptop for using heavy software, you should consider fast processors like Intel core i3 or core i5. On the other hand, you can also choose the Apple M1 chip or Ryzen processor to get the best advantages.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is always a vital part of a laptop or a computer. Am I right? Well, you can choose 4 GB RAM for a 17-inch display, but I would love to recommend you to choose up to 8 GB RAM to get the facilities. So, before buying a laptop, I think you should keep this section in mind.


For a secure and weighty project, you may need to spend some extra money to buy a laptop. But, if you think that you just need to play games or edit tasks or other areas, you may consider a laptop which comes with below 600 or 500 USD. You should not spend much money with lower configuration.

So, What Should You Buy?

You should buy one of the best 17 Inch laptop under 500 when you want to choose a laptop for multitasking areas. According to my research, the above laptops are always a good option at this price. Customers also love them and use them without finding any errors.

According to my experience, HP 17 2021 17-cn0021nr 17 Inch Laptop Under 500 laptop is awesome for multiple projects. I love its battery, configuration, and other performances. So, I would love to suggest you check out this laptop when your budget is below 500 USD.

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